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So I'm thinking that the weird, persistant, burning mostly-joint pain I've been having for the past few months is likely linked to cold/damp weather. My knee was pretty stiff yesterday and today it was pouring and the usual joints hurt (knee, ankles, wrist, elbows, fingers). On the one hand, it's a comfort that it's most likely just normal joint pain, the likes of which many older people experience. But I'm not "older," I'm twenty-three and it's time like these that I am reminded of with how little care I have treated my body. It is a cold comfort to know that many others treat their bodies with similar disregard, and some even with more open animosity than I. I basically need a shit load of therapy regarding the great psychic divide I have between my mind and body and the tenuousnesss with with I mediate their interactions.

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Date: 2010-12-13 03:36 pm (UTC)
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i've got almost 7 years on you, and my body was definitely starting to be a different place by 22-23-24 than it was at 18-19-20. more aches and pains, less ability to beat the crap out of myself (literally and figuratively) without thought.

in more solution-related news, glucosamine/chondroitin is pretty awesome for achy joints. my hips are a mess and a half (i was born breech and sat breech before birth for a while, and my hip joints are resultingly double-jointed and able to actually slip out of joint sometimes. it's uh, uncomfortable), and it helps. it's also pretty ridiculously expensive, and thus something i do when i'm employed (aka not now).


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